The importance of building regulations when changing your windows or doors

Your double glazing replacement has to meet with building regulations, so if you're thinking of changing your windows this is something you need to consider. These regulations apply not only to the specification of the replacemwnt windows or doors, but also to the installation (that they're fitted correctly and safely). If you choose to have a professional company install your windows or even decided to fit them yourself, building regulations need to be adhered to. Potential problems with their compliance would be detected if or when you ever decided to sell your property, as this is when questions about window replacement are asked by   the solicitor and surveyor as part of the information

Did you know about acoustic glass?

Did you know that you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your double glazing needs. Of course all window installations in the UK needs to be compliant with local authority building regulations, and have a WER (window energy rating) which has a minimum of a "C" rating (on a scale of A to G). To meet that rating, double glazed sealed unit will utilise a low emissivity glass on the internal pane (e.g. Pilkington K Glass). But did you know that there are other upgrades that you can make to the glazing components that make up the sealed units in your windows? If you live on a particularly noisy road for example, you could consider an acoustic glass option like Saint Gobain Stadi

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