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Weston-S-Mare, lean to

PVCU lean-to, Weston-Super-Mare, shown following completion of installation

Close up image of lean-to

Lean-to (Weston-Super-Mare) closeup, viewd from outside

Green Edwardian Loggia

Green, Ultraframe Edwardian roof, with loggia columns and cornice guttering

Georgian Box Gutter conservatory white

Double Edwardian conservatory, with box gutter to rear. White PVCU double glazing with glass roof

Green Edwardian with poly roof

Green Edwardian conservatory with polycarbonate roof and double glazing in wall frames

Georgian Box Gutter Conservatory green

Double Edwardian, green PVCU, Ultraframe roof with Georgian bars.

White PVCU glazed roof

Edwardian with glass roof, viewed from inside. White PVCU.

Ultraframe roof, Pilkington Activ

Double Edwardian with box gutter to rear. White PVCU and glass roof.

Edwardian glass roof conservat

White PVCU conservatory with double glazed windows and roof; Pilkington Activ-Blue double glazing (self cleaning - and designed to keep cool)!

Double Edwardian, glass roof

Viewed from outside; double Edwardian with Pilkington Activ Blue glass roof

White PVCU with polycarbonate roof

Edwardian with dwarf walls and glass roof

White Edwardian conservatory

Edwardian conservatory , with decorative glazing options, white PVCU and glass roof

Loggia system interior

Large glass roof with loggia system, viewed from inside, white PVCU. Showing tie bars and perimeter ceiling.

Loggia conservatory internal

Loggia conservatory internal view, Ultraframe glass roof.

Glazed roof with tie bars

Glass roof showing tie bar, white PVCU

Double Edwardian with Loggia

Perimeter ceiling with box gutter to rear, with downlighters. Double glazed with Pilkington Activ-Blue performance glass.

Loggia columns system interior

Ultraframe roof with perimeter ceiling and box gutter.

Loggia system

Glass roof, white PVCU frames, double glazed; for comfort 365 days a year.

External view Loggia Edwardian

Green loggia, double Edwardian with double glazed windows and roof.

Brown coloured with loggia

Another loggia, with performance glass roof.

Green columns with white roof

Loggia system, green wall frames / white doors and roof.

With cornice gutter and loggia

Loggia conservatory, in green, with glass roof.

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