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The importance of building regulations when changing your windows or doors

Your double-glazing replacement has to meet with building regulations, so if you're thinking of changing your windows this is something you need to consider. These regulations apply not only to the specification of the replacement windows or doors, but also to the installation.

Understanding building regulations: The basics

Building regulations might seem like just another hurdle in your home improvement plans, but they're in place to ensure safety, energy efficiency, and the correct installation of your double-glazing. These rules cover everything from the specification of your new windows or doors to the way they're fitted. Fail to meet these standards, and you could face issues down the line - especially when selling your home. on double-glazing and building regulations

1. Why do building regulations matter?

Building regulations ensure your windows and doors are safe, energy-efficient, and properly installed. Non-compliance can lead to significant issues, particularly when you decide to sell your property. Questions about window replacement are common during the property transaction process, and lack of compliance can be a red flag for solicitors and surveyors.

2. What if I install the windows myself?

DIY installations can save money, but they come with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with building regulations. You'll need to inform your local authority building control, who will inspect the installation. Note, there's a fee for this service, and non-compliance could mean redoing the work.

3. Why choose a professional like ZEN and Conservatories?

Opting for a professional company like ZEN Windows and Conservatories means peace of mind. As members of CERTASS, a government-approved body, we ensure our products and installations comply with building regulations. You'll receive a certificate of compliance upon completion, an essential document if you ever decide to sell your home.

4. CERTASS vs. FENSA: What's the difference?

Both CERTASS and FENSA are self-certification schemes for building regulations compliance. The choice between them often comes down to the preference of the professional company. Either way, choosing a CERTASS or FENSA registered company ensures your installation meets current building regulations.

Choose Peace of Mind with ZEN.

Upgrading your home with new double-glazing is an investment in comfort, security, and energy efficiency. By choosing ZEN Windows and Conservatories, you're not just choosing quality products; you're choosing peace of mind knowing that your installation is fully compliant with building regulations.

The Importance of Building Regulations When Changing Windows or Doors

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