Turning an existing window into French doors

This is simple but stunning alteration you can to your property, and can normally be completed in just two days. French or patio doors when used to replace a window will not only allow much more light to enter the room, but also enhances your garden view whist providing acess straight out onto your patio; a pleasant change - especially in the summer.

If you are keeping the width of the aperture the same, the exisitng window can often be removed beneath the exisitng lintel above and your new doors can simply be installed underneath. We can confirm that this is possible with a simple survey and if so we then just need to remove the wall below. If we use a disc cutter outside then we will do the cutting into the outside skin before the window is taken out and will cover up inside the room, and use a chain drilling technique to keep dust to a minimum.

So if this is an alteration you have been thinking about - give ZEN a call and we will be happy to make the transformation for you!

Double glazing - knock through for new French doors, Bristol

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