The importance of building regulations when changing your windows or doors

Your double glazing replacement has to meet with building regulations, so if you're thinking of changing your windows this is something you need to consider. These regulations apply not only to the specification of the replacemwnt windows or doors, but also to the installation (that they're fitted correctly and safely). If you choose to have a professional company install your windows or even decided to fit them yourself, building regulations need to be adhered to. Potential problems with their compliance would be detected if or when you ever decided to sell your property, as this is when questions about window replacement are asked by   the solicitor and surveyor as part of the information gathering process during the property transaction administration.

If your window or door installation doesn't have building regulations approval, you will have problems when it comes to selling your home. It is possible that the windows you had installed could even need to be replaced if they fail to meet with building regulations (this could be because fire escape windows in bedrooms may have too narrow an opening for example). The only solution here would be a complete window replacement.

So, importantly you need to make sure your window or door replacement it done right, whether you have a professional company like ZEN Windows and Conservatories do it or even if you decided to have a go yourself. If you fitted your own replacement windows for example, you would need to contact your local authority building control, where they would then arrange to come out and inspect the installation and the products that you had installed. Please note that they charge for this service but the major thing to remember is that if they find there are problems with compliance you may have to re-fit or even replace the windows or doors that you have installed!

If you choose to have a professional window company like ZEN Windows and Conservatories install your windows or doors, you can rest assured that our product and their installation will comply with building regulations. This is become we are members of CERTASS, a government approved body which vet and approve coma noes and installers (through various checks and investigations, e.g. whether public liability insurance is in place, a deposit protection scheme is exists etc and company document checks, to check contract paperwork is up to scratch and much more besides) but also continually assesses a company's installers knowledge and competence that they are able to install to a standard which continues to meet with building regulations. It is this process of regular assessments that means CERTASS member companies are trusted to be able to self certify that their installations are compliant with building regulations without the need for building control to check the work. If ZEN Windows and Conservatories replaces your windows or doors, you will receive a certificate of building regulations compliance from CERTASS following completion of the work. This is the all important document that you need to keep somewhere safe as it is the evidence of building regulations compliance that you will need should you ever decide to sell your property.

Now if you're wondering what the difference between CERTASS and FENSA is, they are basically the same sort of organsiation and provide essentially the same service to homeowners and window and door companies / installers. A professional company will simply decide which scheme they want to be a member of. Both are building regulations self certification schemes and work in very much the same way. Simply put, if you choose a company which is either CERTASS or FENSA registered, you should have peace of mind that your window or door installation will be compliant with current building regulations.

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