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Double glazing

We can supply and install double glazing or triple glazing or even specially made up sealed units incorporating performance glass options such as acoustic glass if you are looking to combat a particularly significant noise problem for example - everything we do is custom made; we can advise and tailor your products to suit your own requirements. One thing is standard regardless of your preferred window configuration and that is that all of our windows are A-rated for energy efficiency as standard. All of our windows utilise Pilkington K-glass, a low-emissivity glass on the inside pane and the glass panes are separated (whether double or triple glazed) with a warm-edge spacer bar around the perimeter - this assembly is what is referred to as sealed unit. In addition to the K-glass on the inside pane, we use another type of performance glass for the outer pane, Pilkington Opti-white glass. Finally, the unit is filled with an inert gas (Argon) and it is hermetically sealed so that it is completely air-tight.

Double glazing bow window
Double glazed composite door
Double glazing windows
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A-rated as standard
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