Did you know about acoustic glass?

Did you know that you have so many options to choose from when it comes to your double glazing needs. Of course all window installations in the UK needs to be compliant with local authority building regulations, and have a WER (window energy rating) which has a minimum of a "C" rating (on a scale of A to G).

To meet that rating, double glazed sealed unit will utilise a low emissivity glass on the internal pane (e.g. Pilkington K Glass). But did you know that there are other upgrades that you can make to the glazing components that make up the sealed units in your windows? If you live on a particularly noisy road for example, you could consider an acoustic glass option like Saint Gobain Stadip Silence, where what looks like a single pane of glass is actually two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more acoustic Polyvinyl Butyral interlayers.

So you could consider having the outer pane of your window sealed units upgraded to acoustic glass instead. This really should hightlight the fact that not all double glazing is created equal, and that there are many enhancements that you can make to tailor your windows to work best for you and where you live, rather than have the bog standard setup which most companies fit as standard.

Of course a good A-rated conventional double glazed unit is the perfect choice for most domestic requirements, but if you are experiencing discomfort from noise then acoustic glass is definitely something you should consider. We've fitted this glass for our clients where they have lived on busy roads and the feedback we received was excellent, it really works. In fact in case you're wondering, a double glazed unit made up with acoustic glass is actually superior to conventional triple glazing for the purpose of noise reduction!

Likewise, there are numerous other upgrades available for the glass that makes up your double glazing. Pilkington Suncool solar control glass for example, which reduces solar heat gain to help you stay cooler in the summer and offers high levels of natural light. We will talk more about this option in another post soon...

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